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Lee Novak

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Top Stories by Lee Novak

Dear Lee, I have worked in sales for the past fourteen years and have seen fads come and go. The latest is CRM that, my company has forced upon me. Isn’t CRM just another way for my company to act like BIG BROTHER to watch and monitor my every move? Stan, Tx Dear Stan, Would you board a commercial airline if you knew, 1) the plane was lacking a navigational system, 2) you would be flying to the busiest airport in the world without the aid of an air traffic controller or radar, and 3) the pilots would not have any radio contact to direct their take off or landing approach? Most likely not. CRM is not a fad nor is it a way for your company to act as BIG BROTHER! CRM is a navigational tool that, when used properly it will increase your profitability, productivity and enhance your customers buying experience. I believe that what you are really asking is, what is in it... (more)

The Science of a Team

During a speaking engagement to a Fortune 500 company I told the story  of a Sales Manager who I knew, that gained invaluable insight regarding the importance of a establishing a strong team - during a health challenge, he’d experienced years earlier. The health issue came about very suddenly and consequently, the Sales Manager was faced with the daunting prospect of, finding the right team of specialists who could treat his condition and perform the life saving operation. Thankfully, the Sales Manager was able to find a reputable neurologist who in turn, recommended a highly ... (more)

The True Cost of Not Making a Buying Decision

Dear Lee, Today, after a six month sales cycle that included extensive relationship building, expensive marketing strategies and a detailed return on investment analysis that revealed a monthly savings of $13,347 per month (net after the expense of my new proposal), the client shared that she was inclined to delay the decision by twelve months! Her reasoning? She feels that she can get a better deal when her contract comes to end of term. I am so frustrated and angry! I’ve neglected other clients because of the amount of effort, time and energy I have put into winning this deal.... (more)

The Cure When The Stench of Bad Customer Service Occurs

Dear Lee, One of my best accounts whom I’ve done business with for years informed me that they plan to leave us because of the frustration they’ve experienced with my company. At issue are numerous problems related to accounting/billing and support related items. Any thoughts you could give me on strategies to gain back their confidence? Becca C. - Dear Becca, The other day my daughter called me in a panic because she had run out of gas on a busy highway. As any Father would, I immediately stopped what I was in the middle of doing to assist her. While loading the gas gan I noti... (more)

My Quota is Gigantic!

Dear Lee, Last year I was a record setting sales rep at my company selling high tech solutions. Today I received my annual quota for the new year and was shocked to see that my account list shrunk by 10% and my quota is the highest in the company.  I am  very frustrated with this. I attempted to negotiate a reduced quota with my manager but he dismissed my request, saying that he has full confididence that I will figure it out. My quota is gigantic but my spirit is weak. Any suggestions? Down in the South -   Dear Down in the South, I am sure that you are familiar with the bib... (more)